He’s My Kind Of Rain

He’s my kind of rain          Like the love from the drunken sky                        Like confetti falling down all night                     He’s my kinda rain

He’s the sun that shadows.                             He’s my dreaming tree Together in this creepy eternity.                            He’s my lost companion He’s the history late at night.                                   He’s all the things to behold.               

He’s my kinda rain Like the love from the drunken sky.                     Like confetti falling down all night.                  He’s my kind of rain.        His love falling down all Night!!

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I love to read, write poetry and and working on other materials. I have two wonderful sons, that are growing like weeds everyday. Man how time flies, I love them too the moon and back!! I also have a wonderful man looking forward to spending the rest of my life with. So as you can tell I'm a blessed woman!!!❤❤

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