Always Know When To Let Go

When your actions keep bring  you sorrow , let them go.

When a thought keeps bringing you sorrow,  let  it go.

When your past keeps bringing you sorrow, let it go.

When a person keeps  bringing  you sorrow, let them  go.

When your Depression keeps bringing you sorrow,  let it go.

When your Anxiety  keeps bringing you sorrow,  let it go. 

When Something  keeps bringing you sorrow,  let it go.

You can not rise above, by letting  your sorrows still your joy and peace in Life….


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I love to read, write poetry and and working on other materials. I have two wonderful sons, that are growing like weeds everyday. Man how time flies, I love them too the moon and back!! I also have a wonderful man looking forward to spending the rest of my life with. So as you can tell I'm a blessed woman!!!❤❤

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