You Tell On Yourself

You tell who you are by the friends you keep,     By the very manner in which you speak,              By the way, you employ your leisure time,            By the use, you make of dollar and dime.

You tell who you are by the things you wear,     By the spirit in which your burdens bare,         By the things at which you laugh,                        By the music in which you play and sing.

You tell who you are by the way you walk,           By the things that you engage to talk,                By the manner in which you bare defeat,                         By the things that you care to eat.

You tell who you are by the books you choose from the well-filled shelf;                                     In these ways and so many more, you tell on yourself.


Rhonda Kendrick


Writers are dangerous to Be wary before you cross one, for our words          We will use like bullets.   If someone was to wrong us, we just might write about it.                  We are snipers on paper. Whether it be love, hurt, fear, pain, or anger.      You will see a masterpiece we created from our emotions our Passion and such.          An Endless Devotion____



Rhonda Kendrick