The drinks, drugs, pills, binges, escapes, and running away these are some of the addictive prescriptions we write ourselves. Our Addictions have us engulfed in a world of unreality; it distorts our perceptions and keeps us in despair. Now we say how can all that be changed? Relying on a higher power greater than ourselves, and by working a program of recovery. The true recovery comes from great courage to heal us from the inside out. As we get clean or sober we will see life very differently. It’s the second chance to straighten out our relationships, clear away the breakage of our past, and rely on the Higher Power, who has been with us all along. So, follow down the right road of recovery to change.

written By:

Rhonda  Kendrick



I love to read, write poetry and and working on other materials. I have two wonderful sons, that are growing like weeds everyday. Man how time flies, I love them too the moon and back!! I also have a wonderful man looking forward to spending the rest of my life with. So as you can tell I'm a blessed woman!!!❤❤

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