HATE is a consuming flame of fire poisoning every part of our being, yet time comes when the degree of it is as cleansing as fire! The changes it signals lets us see the value of our anger. Anger is life’s way of being counterproductive, it can wrap the spirit. As anger sets inside of us and is unexpressed, it makes us ill mind and body. So it festers and turns into resentment or it can erupt as rage, that is called to action, to change direction. It motivates us instantly sometimes, it is the only way to cut through our need to please others. For some the energy of anger helps us be assertive enough to state our need and to see that our needs are met. Only our pain of anger can tell who we really are and help us change. Today; may God let me see the value of anger and the need for change it signals in me!!


Rhonda    Kendrick


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