The Fall

Maybe it was the way you smiled,

Or your hair,

Or your laugh.

It could have been the way you changed your voice, as you read to me,

Or your personality,

Or your ego.

It might have been seeing what a good man you are,

Or those dark deep sexy eyes,

But whatever it was,

It made me fall,

Yes, you did pretty damn hard!!

Written By: Rhonda Kendrick (c)


Lonely Child


To be forsaken and lonely

All night long in the dark

Where thoughts and pains creep.

The parents fight uncontrollably

The storm wept angry tears.

Come morning light, fog trails everywhere.

The lonely child put out into the mist of the fog forsaken yet again.

Written By: Rhonda Kendrick

Giving Gratitude

Giving Gratitude

As we go about our day to day life we forget to give gratitude for the things that we sustain. While we walk in our faith it aspires us to set in that domain. People that have


a family to call their own, whether blood or by choosing needs to stop and give thanks, for some are only solitary. As some open the newspaper and read over the classifieds he or she’s in the obituaries. While family, friends and guests set at the dinner tables to eat, scavengers are looking for their next morsels. Now as everyone hurries to their warm homes, the homeless are wondering around the streets and the situation is desperately awful. We all need to stop and really think, it’s a gift to even wake up when we go to sleep. Now let’s  give thanks
continuously each and everyday for what we have, sorry now I must weep!!

Written By:Rhonda Kendrick  (c)

A Thanksgiving Poem


May our Turkey be juicy and plump
May our dressing be tasty and crisp
May our potatoes be whipped and buttery
May our gravy have nary a lump
May our greens be cooked with bacon grease
May our snaps be cooked with ham hocks
May our macaroni and cheese be enough to go around
May our  deviled eggs not be so gassy
May our yams be delicious and sweet
May our yeast rolls rise nice


and high
May our pies be topped with whipped cream
May our cakes take the prize
Last but not least May our Thanksgiving Dinner stay off our waist and our thighs!!

Written By: Rhonda Kendrick  (c)



MY heart dropped and shattered to the ground as my virtue was stripped from my womb. The tears rolling down my cheeks for this now broken heart of mine, it was just too


much at 8 to consume. The blood started to run down my thighs between my parted legs, my eyes opened wider looking down at my flower with horror. How could a father be such a fabricator? I got up and went running to the bathroom, to shower, with my fears in my throat. At my age all I wanted was someone to hold me tight and tell me all will soon be alright, but for now my heart is crying bittersweet tears. Now clean and sore and red to the touch, I wrapped a towel around me, went to ask for some clothes, because mine was bloody. He said I don’t have  any you will have to  wear them, so he took me back home looking like a corpse. Mother was at work,  she would never know that I went missing during the night. He said I had better not tell or no one will even see the light.

Written By:  Rhonda Kendrick  (c)



All was around placing there bets.
By the end of the race there will be so many debts.
They  weren’t counting on the new horse, even thou


gh Black Gypsy was in third place.
As the gun shot the horses took off and Black Gypsy made them look like a disgrace.
The sound of thundering hooves kicking up dust around the track was all that echoed.
As the race came to a end Black Gypsy crossed the line, slowed down to a halt curtseyed with head bowed.
The audience now set hypnotized, wondering the horses Sir Mastermind.

Written By: Rhonda Kendrick  (c)



I wore my book dress tonight. Don’t you think it would impress our guest?

Couldn’t afford one on my own for my book signing,
So I had to make one from my own resourcefulness.

All the poets and poetess will be in delight of my homemade attire.

Everyone stood in envy of where I may have acquired such a delight.

All my books now signed, the


evening had gone well, no one left with a frown.

Written By: Rhonda Kendrick (c)



I want my hand to be the one you hold.
I want to look in your eyes and see myself.
I want to make you smile and laugh.
I want you to wake me with your touch.
I want you to show me what I’ve been missing.
I want you to unleash my desires that are burning deep inside of me.
I want to feel you from the inside out.
I will surrender all only too you.

Written By: Rhonda




The heat running through my veins as I entered the room was that of a red-hot flame.
Knowing that again I get to


play a dominant role one I didn’t get very much so I have to play it well, I can’t be one he can tame.
He knew the rules when he set it up, never before being submissive to a woman, now at my reprieve, he will surrender.
A pawn seeing me enter the bedroom, I could tell by his eyes and the way he shifted in the chair, he loved what he saw, and glad to know that he was the contender.
I told him to get on the bed, I in my black leather skin tight tiger outfit came and put a stiletto heel on his manhood.
His breath caught, he couldn’t take it any longer, he started to take my leather off, then he put me on the bed, kissing me passionately as he reached between my thighs and entered my womanhood.
Both reaching our sexual climax together.
It was like an explosion of white heather.
Our flames of desire once again satisfied.
Until our next rendezvous, we are contented.

Written By:  Rhonda Kendrick
(c)        The Exotic Temptress


I want my hand to be the one you hold.
I want to look in your eyes and see myself.
I want to make you smile and laugh.
I want you to wake me with your touch.
I want you to show me what I’ve been missing.
I want you to unleash my desires that are burning deep inside of me.
I want to feel you from the inside out.
I will surrender all only too you.

Written By: Rhonda
(c)                 Kendrick


You know there are gains for our losses, 

We have balms for our pains,

But when youth, the  dream,  departs,

It always takes something from our hearts,

And It’s Never Too Be Again 


We become stronger and are better,

Under manhoods sterner reign, 

As we feel that something sweet, 

Followed  youth, with childrens flying  feet,

And It’s  Never Too Be Again

Something beautiful has now vanished,

We set and sigh for it in vein;

We behold it everywhere,

On the earth,  and  also in the air,

But It’s Never Too Be Again !

Written By:   Rhonda  Kendrick


Always Know When To Let Go

When your actions keep bring  you sorrow , let them go.

When a thought keeps bringing you sorrow,  let  it go.

When your past keeps bringing you sorrow, let it go.

When a person keeps  bringing  you sorrow, let them  go.

When your Depression keeps bringing you sorrow,  let it go.

When your Anxiety  keeps bringing you sorrow,  let it go. 

When Something  keeps bringing you sorrow,  let it go.

You can not rise above, by letting  your sorrows still your joy and peace in Life….


       Written By:


You Tell On Yourself

You tell who you are by the friends you keep,     By the very manner in which you speak,              By the way, you employ your leisure time,            By the use, you make of dollar and dime.

You tell who you are by the things you wear,     By the spirit in which your burdens bare,         By the things at which you laugh,                        By the music in which you play and sing.

You tell who you are by the way you walk,           By the things that you engage to talk,                By the manner in which you bare defeat,                         By the things that you care to eat.

You tell who you are by the books you choose from the well-filled shelf;                                     In these ways and so many more, you tell on yourself.


Rhonda Kendrick


Writers are dangerous to Be wary before you cross one, for our words          We will use like bullets.   If someone was to wrong us, we just might write about it.                  We are snipers on paper. Whether it be love, hurt, fear, pain, or anger.      You will see a masterpiece we created from our emotions our Passion and such.          An Endless Devotion____



Rhonda Kendrick

End Of Time

The time comes when things start to fall apart

When all the seams start to unravel

The pain of life is so strong

There all the strength is gone

Then there’s no hope left

That’s when the light will come

It may be just a sudden death

But at times it could be the only way

No matter what way the end will come

When the end comes all the pain will be gone

Your soul will be set free

When they lay you down to rest


Rhonda   Kendrick

The Lonely Hour

The hour approaches as the sun sets the minutes gto o by like hours. While the creatures of the night stir me myself sit and listen. If only the hearts of ours would call maybe the night wouldn’t last as long. As I lay there waiting for that touch you lay facing the other way, with not even the slightest care. Now, all that I can do is stare, wishing your heart would listen to my cry. If only yours would answer the hour of the loneliness would die.


Rhonda  Kendrick

Time To Grow

Time to grow more as a woman.

Time to grow more as a parent.

Time to grow to be more forgiving.

Time to grow to be more patient.

Time to grow to be more helpful.

Time to grow to be more joyous.

Time to grow to be more tolerant.

Time to grow to be more understanding.

Time to grow to be more courageous.

Time to grow to be more aware.

Time to grow to be more sensitive.

Time to grow to be more caring.

Time to grow to be more humble.

Time to grow to be a better friend.

Time to grow to be a greater human being.


Rhonda  Kendrick

He’s My Kind Of Rain

He’s my kind of rain          Like the love from the drunken sky                        Like confetti falling down all night                     He’s my kinda rain

He’s the sun that shadows.                             He’s my dreaming tree Together in this creepy eternity.                            He’s my lost companion He’s the history late at night.                                   He’s all the things to behold.               

He’s my kinda rain Like the love from the drunken sky.                     Like confetti falling down all night.                  He’s my kind of rain.        His love falling down all Night!!

Written By:



My midlife years are times to catch my breath and to recognize all that I’ve been given, to reflect on how far I’ve come. With my physical development finished, now is the time to develop my spirit and mind___ to speak out the richness of myself. In doing this it encourages me to accept the past and embrace the present, to live fully in each moment, and to step into each new day with a sense of purpose and wonder enjoying each for the priceless gift that it is!

Written By:



The drinks, drugs, pills, binges, escapes, and running away these are some of the addictive prescriptions we write ourselves. Our Addictions have us engulfed in a world of unreality; it distorts our perceptions and keeps us in despair. Now we say how can all that be changed? Relying on a higher power greater than ourselves, and by working a program of recovery. The true recovery comes from great courage to heal us from the inside out. As we get clean or sober we will see life very differently. It’s the second chance to straighten out our relationships, clear away the breakage of our past, and rely on the Higher Power, who has been with us all along. So, follow down the right road of recovery to change.

written By:

Rhonda  Kendrick


HATE is a consuming flame of fire poisoning every part of our being, yet time comes when the degree of it is as cleansing as fire! The changes it signals lets us see the value of our anger. Anger is life’s way of being counterproductive, it can wrap the spirit. As anger sets inside of us and is unexpressed, it makes us ill mind and body. So it festers and turns into resentment or it can erupt as rage, that is called to action, to change direction. It motivates us instantly sometimes, it is the only way to cut through our need to please others. For some the energy of anger helps us be assertive enough to state our need and to see that our needs are met. Only our pain of anger can tell who we really are and help us change. Today; may God let me see the value of anger and the need for change it signals in me!!


Rhonda    Kendrick


They say a empty cup is a symbol of prosperity, but some see it as a gift.   A cup that runith over is of no further use because we can no longer choose what goes into it.                                    Emptiness has value, which  fullness the value is lost.                                     The simplicity of the emptiness lies potentially in everything but especially peace and in tranquility.                      With the rush to become full we loose  touch with the healing energy of simplicity and quite.          We rush about full of anxiety, getting things accomplished,  but what happens to our deeper spiritual  needs, which we turn away from our usual distractions?             When our cup stays running over, there is no room for simplicity for the  emptiness out of  which serenity and healing energy arise.         Today, let me slow down and take the time to empty out the clutter of my mind. 




I’ve been scared  and  bartered.                              My hopes the wind done  scattered.                           Snow has froze me, sun has baked me.                     Looks like between’em  They done true to make me stop laughing; stop loving; stop lovin’__          But I don’t care !                I’m  still here!

My prime of youth is but a frost of cares;               My feast of joy is but a dish of pain;                       My crop of corn is but a  folder of tears;                 And all  my good is but vain, a hope of grain;      The day is past, and yet I saw no sun;                        And now I live,  and now my life is done.    

My take was heard, and yet it wasn’t  told;            My fruit  has fallen but my leaves are green,       My youth is spent and yet I’m  not old;                 I  saw the world, and yet I  wasn’t seen;                     My thread is set, and yet it is  not spun;                   And now I live, and now my life is done.

I sought my death and found it in my womb,      I looked for life,  and saw it was a shade;                   I trod the earth, and knew it was my tomb;       And now I die and now but made:                            My glass is full, and now my glass is run;                 And now I live, and now my life is done.



Decorations Of My Emotions

The hearts you break you wear for decorations 

Oblivious to your emotional devastation 

Tears have no effect on the ice inside your veins 

Destroyed by lies and now no trust remains 

one day though you will find someone a heart that you want break 

Hopefully, for you, the feelings are not fake 

I want and need you to feel hurt, a pain unlike any other 

The ripping of the heart from one I called a lover 

So wear them hearts as decorations,collect the tears I cried

when your heart is broken, when all true love has died 

I want you to think of me my darling and how I once did feel.                         Them days that you broke me into pieces  and what you did steal. 



Risk OF Life

To live is the risk of dying 

To hope is the risk of despair 

To laugh is the risk of appearing the fool

To weep  is to risk appearing sentimental

To love is the risk of not being loved in return 

To reach out for another is to risk involvement 

To expose feelings is to risk your true self

But above all the risks they must be  taken 

The greatest hazard of life is to risk nothing

The person that risk nothing, has nothing, does nothing and is nothing

He’s  a slave of life, he has fortified the game of life 

That person may avoid the suffering & the sorrow 

But he simply can’t learn, feel, grow, love, change or live

Only a person who risk will be free.



Before It’s Too Late

If you’ve a tender message or a loving word to say,

Don’t wait to say it, but whisper it today, 

We all live in the present the future is unknown ____

Tomorrow is a mystery,  today is all our own. 

The tender words unspoken, the Letter never sent 

The long__ waiting messages, The wealth of love unspent ___

For these some love ones wait, So show them that you care for Them before it’s too late. 




I want your heart because 

Selflessness  breeds love. 

I want your mind because 

Conversation breeds connection

I want your soul because 

Energy  breeds an intangible bond.

I want you because nothing  can replace the impact of your presence. 




Injected  his way

Into my early grave 

Buried alive in A 

Drug Fucked Haze 

I emerged and strived 

I don’t fear Death

But I’m Glad I’m Alive!!



Caged Love

I’ll  keep your love man caged in my ribs, and locked behind my chest plate, 

There it will stay safe and hidden away in my bones until I’m old and gray, 

And when I die the blooms will grow from the earth where they bury me, and they will say,  that’s where here love grows for her love, for all eternity!!

                         WRITTEN BY:

                  RHONDA KENDRICK 

Poem (MY LiL Sexy)

        He’s the one that keeps me      Grounded. 

Attracted to him Cuz he’s well Rounded. 

My hopes and my dreams he never downed it

The love of my life I know that I Found It

More ups than downs the DOWNS we done 

Stands by his SHORTY  even when I fall

I’m here for ya, man No ifs, no maybes, Forever man You’ll Be My lil  Sexy!!





Poem (BIRDS)

Birds are like a whisper in the wind

Just like a boat that just set sail

They are free to glide the breeze.

If only life could be as free

No one would have to feel the rough

But nothing could be more than tough

If only things could as free

No one would have to take the pain

Now if only things could be as sain

But life is not as free

If birds could only be more like me!!


WRITTEN BY:                                     Rhonda Kendrick

Poem ( Soul Mate )

      I  found you due to a wire crossing over a internet dating site connection meeting on equal ground and out of sight  In a world where bodies are no use, only words we found a kindling spirit  between us The words of The heart entwined and souls lifted wondering  where this may lead, we fly to the stars  Start conversanting about this and that  The glow from the stars enter us and we are  free Both warmed by words each say when not  close  I carry your words in my heart now that  Your here in hopes that we can make  Something good come of our unexpected wire crossings of our souls !!

                   WRITTEN BY:


Yes   Dolly Parton !!!

She is the only human to earn a Good Housekeeping Seal!!  Granted to her in 2001 for her work donating free books to children through her nonprofit, Imagination Library. As she talked to GH, she was celebrating the distribution of her 100 millionth book!!!wp-1534751403240

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