The heat running through my veins as I entered the room was that of a red-hot flame.
Knowing that again I get to


play a dominant role one I didn’t get very much so I have to play it well, I can’t be one he can tame.
He knew the rules when he set it up, never before being submissive to a woman, now at my reprieve, he will surrender.
A pawn seeing me enter the bedroom, I could tell by his eyes and the way he shifted in the chair, he loved what he saw, and glad to know that he was the contender.
I told him to get on the bed, I in my black leather skin tight tiger outfit came and put a stiletto heel on his manhood.
His breath caught, he couldn’t take it any longer, he started to take my leather off, then he put me on the bed, kissing me passionately as he reached between my thighs and entered my womanhood.
Both reaching our sexual climax together.
It was like an explosion of white heather.
Our flames of desire once again satisfied.
Until our next rendezvous, we are contented.

Written By:  Rhonda Kendrick
(c)        The Exotic Temptress


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